How to Make Youtube Shorts on Laptop

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Make a YouTube Shorts video on your computer if you want to quickly increase your channel’s views and subscribers. You don’t need to use the shorts feature on your phone, and you can upload a short video even if you have no subscribers.

In this video, I’ll demonstrate how to make a YouTube Shorts video on your computer, including how to use your camera to film the video and how to edit it using the right dimensions. If you want to know how to produce a quick video on your phone without the shorts feature, watch this to learn how to optimize the video on YouTube so that it is found in YouTube search and how to upload your videos so that people can see them. click the link in the video’s description to continue.

In this video, you’ll learn how to make a short video on your computer. After you’ve finished filming the short video on your camera, it’s time to edit the video in your video editing software. Adjust the camera to a vertical position so you record a vertical video instead of a landscape video. Also, remember to add your external audio. Hey, if you’re enjoying the content so far, click the bell notification symbol and the subscribe button to be notified when new content similar to this is posted each week.

Right now, I’m taking the SD card out of my camera and putting it in my imac computer. Now that I’m Prepared to Edit The Video With The Video Editing Software Screenflow, I’m Inside My Screenflow Video Editing Software And I Have To Create A New Document So I’m Going To Go To File New From The Drop Down Here I Have To Choose The Right Dimensions So These Are Like Vertical Format Or iPhone 7 8 Dimensions But The Main Thing Is That You Got To Use The Portrait Mode Or Vertical Format Choose This One So You Can See The Dimensions Are 1080 By 1920 Pixels

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Making YouTube Videos on a Computer (edit, upload, optimize, publish)

I’m going to upload the video clip from my SD card to the timeline in my video editing program on the computer now that I’ve got the vertical format. I have to rotate the video and scale it to fit the window, so I’m going to click on this icon to rotate it to about 90 degrees and scale it to fit the window. Here is my vertical video so that I can enlarge it if I want in my video editing software, but I want to have a little bit of space at the top above my hat and my face in the middle so I’m going to choose the best section of this brief video where I articulate what I wish to say if I play the video, I can see that it’s ready to go.

In this video, you will learn how to make a brief video on your computer. [Music] Now all I need to do is publish the video, save it to my computer, and then it will be ready to upload to YouTube. To do this, go to file export, name it “test select fastest,” change the resolution from 1920 to 1080 (a regular video resolution), select “100 of original,” which is 1080 by 1920, and then click “export.”

Check the movie now that it has finished processing to learn how to create a quick video on your computer instead of using the phone’s one-second camera. Here’s how to upload and optimize your YouTube shorts videos: Log into your YouTube channel; click the Create icon; then, select Upload Videos. to select a video. choose my practice video The YouTube Shorts video was optimized for the keyword phrase “how to make youtube shorts on your computer.”

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I can use the curiosity phrase “without using shorts feature” at the end of the title to entice viewers to click on the video. Then I can enter a description “learn how to make youtube shorts on your computer without using the shorts feature.” I’m not going to add it to a playlist for audience because I’m going to say no, it’s not made for kids.

YouTube just picks a frame from a youtube shorts video to use as the thumbnail. Alternatively, you can upload a custom thumbnail for your short video so it blends in with the thumbnails of your regular videos. it’s not a prey promotion, move on I don’t really need to add any tags for short films, so I’ll simply leave the rest blank and click Next. I can pick when to publish it, so I may select Private, Unlisted, Public, or Schedule. For short movies, you cannot add an end screen or a card.

Choose unlisted for this test video and click save [Music] if you want anyone with the video link to be able to watch it. Choose public if you want it to be immediately exposed to the public. I can decide whether to embed the link or post it on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, Reddit, Tumblr, and others. I can view it on my pc to see how it looks if I copy the url. On my computer, the vertical video has bands to the right and left of it. Now let’s see how it looks on my phone.

This is how the feature video from YouTube for YouTube Shorts looks on your phone, so herman How do viewers locate your short videos? They can go to the main page of the YouTube app if they have the short shelf function on their phone. You can check your YouTube analytics to see if your short videos are appearing on people’s phones’ short shelves. If your analytics show shorts, this means that your short videos are appearing on people’s phones’ short shelves.

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They can also find your short videos on the what to watch next module or by searching YouTube. Additionally, they can view their subscription feeds. Watch the video on the screen right now to learn how to get started with YouTube shorts and what its benefits and drawbacks are for expanding your YouTube channel.


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