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For this reason, the majority of online content producers try to increase their income. They do other things, such as brand deals and sponsored content, affiliate marketing, or membership communities, as opposed to solely relying on ad revenue and creator funds. To keep things interesting, I’m not going to cover personal finance or real estate in this list of the eight most lucrative YouTube niches. best niche for youtube shorts.

They are no longer included. To help you make a little extra money and to help you understand the list, I’ll actually tell you the five factors that make a YouTube niche profitable before we move on. High CPM ad rates are first.

When YouTube monetizes and pays content creators for their work.

. By the way, if you haven’t already monetized your YouTube channel, you should watch my videos on how to get 4,000 YouTube watch hours, how to monetize your channel, and how to get your first 1,000 subscribers. All of those videos will have links in the description of this one, but high CPM rates, or cost per mille, are how YouTube advertisers are compensated.

In the majority of niches, the typical YouTuber earns between one and $5 CPMs. And that indicates that they will receive between 50 cents and $2 at the end of the day.

Some YouTubers earn 1/100 of a penny for every 1,000 views they receive, or 50 for every 1,000 views. The CPMs for some of the more lucrative YouTube niches, though, can reach as high as $20, $30, or even $50.

On average, this channel tends to have $30 CPMs for the majority of my videos. However, there are some videos that perform slightly better and slightly worse, but almost all of them are over $10 CPMs. If your content is evergreen, it will continue to be profitable because it will continue to draw viewers, which will result in continued ad revenue, and it will continue to draw clicks on links for affiliate marketing or for selling your own products or merchandise, such as the creator hat and similar items in terms of print-on-demand products. So, all of those are options.

Additionally, they can aid in membership recruitment for your YouTube channel or membership website. Just keep in mind that if you run your own membership website, you keep every penny of the profit; all you incur is expense.

best niche for youtube shorts

However, if you purchase memberships for YouTube channels, YouTube keeps 30% and the creator keeps 70%. You receive 55% of the revenue from YouTube ads, while YouTube receives 45%. Generally speaking, it is better to keep all of your money.

As we’ve been discussing, the thing I preach the most is to “Diversify those revenue streams,” and video content that enables you to do that is more profitable. There are some niches where the variety of their revenue streams is more constrained. Expanding your revenue streams can be extremely challenging at times, for instance in the vlogging and gaming niches, but it might be simpler in the tech or beauty niches.

So always keep in mind that having a variety of revenue sources affects how profitable something is. One more of our five criteria for evaluating a niche’s viability on social media and YouTube is its potential for sponsorship.

Not every niche has access to the same levels of sponsorship. Things like software as a service, tech products, and other items of that nature generally have much higher budgets and a wider variety of sponsorship opportunities, in my experience. Other niches have fewer players overall. In my opinion, the lifestyle industry is a sizable niche. In actuality, you can obtain sponsorship of almost any kind.

Just keep that sort of stuff in mind. And lastly, the fifth factor that determines whether a niche is profitable. Does this market have consumers who make purchases? There seems to be either a paying audience or a broke audience, and I’m sorry to be somewhat dismissive or critical here. And that’s irrelevant at this point.

You must create the content for which you are best suited.

However, you can obtain direct audience support much more easily when you have a paying audience or an audience with disposable income because people are less likely to make a sacrifice when you have these audiences. However, it is more difficult to make money when you have an audience that is a little bit broke and doesn’t have that money, for example, when you have a very young audience, people who don’t have disposable income, people who aren’t working. Even when it comes to sponsorships, they have less disposable income, are less likely to click on those sponsor links, drive less traffic, and perform worse, so sponsors don’t always want to return unless it’s for a special occasion.

Directly selling to your audience is more difficult than affiliate marketing. It’s extremely uncommon for people to purchase anything other than merchandise to support creators in this situation.

Additionally, there might occasionally be a donation here or there. However, it is simpler to get direct support and to be able to turn content creation into a full-time job the more wealthy and buying-inclined your audience is.

Let’s now discuss the eight niches that, in my opinion, best take advantage of these five factors. And yes, given that it can go beyond these eight, I’ll probably make a video on the 15 most lucrative niches at some point. The automotive and automobile niche comes in first.

Many of you might find this surprising, but there is potential for double-digit CPM with this. On car and automotive channels, I’ve seen ad revenue range from $15 CPMs to $35 CPMs. However, this niche is extremely lucrative and does have an affluent audience attached to it as well as a very distinct culture. It largely just depends on a number of other factors, such as the length of content, number of ads, mid-rolls, and pre-rolls. Despite the fact that it may not have as many opportunities as tech or beauty, it does have some brand deals and sponsorship opportunities.

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Additionally, there is a market for enthusiasts where there may be some affiliate opportunities for various kinds of accessories and related products. There are also affiliate opportunities working directly with manufacturers, which can result in a higher cut of up to 15% or even 20%.

Compared to Amazon Affiliate revenue, that will undoubtedly be fantastic. Therefore, try to keep those things in mind. The outdoor and adventure niche is the next. You might be surprised by how profitable this one can be. First, you have limitless potential to profit from Amazon Affiliate links and join the Amazon Influencer Program when it comes to the outdoor and adventure niche.

On Amazon, you can find almost any kind of everyday carry, outdoor, wilderness, and survival gear you can imagine. The fact is that this would be very profitable because of the volume of sales and the repeated use of your links, buyers guides, and other materials, as well as your ability to showcase these products in your videos. And as YouTube’s new YouTube Shopping features and tagged products roll out to more and more channels, this will mean that even without putting in the extra work, products will eventually be displayed in the content somewhat automatically as this gets more and more refined, helping you make more money in addition to extremely lucrative ad revenue.

Another niche with a double-digit CPM is this one. Again, I’ve had a variety of creators share with me in Twitter DMs; if you want to talk about YouTube, content creation, or how to earn money online, follow me on Twitter at @robertoblake. However, it’s been really interesting to receive data and feedback from content creators who have shown me their CPMs and discussed how much money they are making.

And I was astonished by how profitable this can be. There are content producers who have demonstrated to me that they can easily make over a quarter of a million dollars per year in this market. Even without having a million subscribers, I’ve seen creators in this niche make half a million dollars. So when I realized how profitable this is, my mind was completely blown. As for brand deals, there are a ton of them available in the wilderness, outdoor, and survival niche, especially for people who are making challenge videos, just like how it’s extremely profitable in Amazon with the affiliate links and also with manufacturer stuff.

There is just a lot there, and the content is timeless and enjoyable because it perfectly combines entertainment, lifestyle, and a small amount of education.

Additionally, it has a huge appeal and the capacity to reach a wide audience. So don’t overlook this market. In a post-pandemic world, I believe it will actually gain even more traction. The third is a marketing niche.

There are many topics covered by the marketing niche. Therefore, when it comes to marketing, you could be discussing social media, social media apps, programs, email marketing, affiliate marketing, digital marketing, or you could be someone who runs a social media agency.

You could discuss your company and the inner workings, ins and outs of that. If you’re discussing growth strategies across various platforms, etc. This is a fantastic niche because it offers a staggering variety of income streams, but in terms of ad revenue and CPM rates, I have seen anything from a baseline of $20 CPMs with this to $60 CPMs.

And even on this channel, I can personally attest to that. Marketing and social media, as well as topics like affiliate marketing, eCommerce, social media, digital ads, and more, have been the subjects of some of my most successful videos ever.

In some ways, even mentioning YouTube would be considered marketing, at the very least video marketing. As a result of the high CPMs in this market and the ability to use affiliate marketing for software as a service, which generates monthly recurring revenue, or MRR, you can earn affiliate commissions on software as a service every month. You guys are aware that one of my most lucrative sources of income is from TubeBuddy, where I make anywhere from $4,000 to $6,000 per month.

Also included in my arsenal are ConvertKit and Kajabi, which I use to earn recurring affiliate commissions from software as a service. My absolute favorite thing in the world, you know. It’s also great because, once again, it only functions if customers are happy with the product and continue to be devoted, regular customers who pay their bill each month. The good news is that everyone benefits in a system like this; nothing is wrong with that. Because of things like web hosting, affiliate marketing, and other tools you could suggest, it’s also a little bit better on some one-time purchases.

Therefore, there are bounty commissions available for verified sales ranging from $100 to $300. Marketing is therefore a very lucrative industry, but it is also very expensive because you need to be an expert in your field. The camera niche is the fourth niche. My incredibly expensive camera equipment, which I adore so much, is no stranger to guys. I adore my pricey camera equipment.

I won’t hide the truth from you. Although it’s one of my personal favorites, it’s also extremely profitable. I frequently suggest camera equipment. Actually, I’m going to do a breakdown of all the equipment I use for this YouTube channel and how I significantly improved the quality of my videos. And now for the camera market’s quirk.

In Amazon affiliate marketing, the commission for selling a professional camera lens ranges roughly from $75 to $140, depending on the type of lens; for camera bodies, the commission may be even higher. This means that you will essentially make $1,000 for every 10 sales you make. It can obviously be very profitable to have a channel solely for camera equipment, depending on the equipment.

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Of course, there are lower-priced items on Amazon with lower commissions, but they do sell in greater quantities. You can therefore compute that there.


Even more lucrative than Amazon’s affiliate program is that offered by B&H Photo Video. These are therefore two options that are unquestionable for affiliate marketing, but what about ad revenue? I’ve noticed that, not only for myself but also for other content creators I’m connected to, the ad revenue in this niche is higher than general tech and can be double digits, ranging from a $10 CPM all the way up to a $18 CPM. Therefore, this has the potential to be extremely profitable. Of course, you can get sponsorships for things like camera equipment, gimbals, audio equipment, lighting, and so forth. You can also get sponsorships for editing software and other things like Squarespace and Epidemic Sound.

Since the players in the camera niche have money to spend, or at least need to if they want this stuff, there is money in the niche. Naturally, camera equipment and similar products have a long lifespan. Since people frequently retain them, the content will continue to generate income for a very long time. The eCommerce niche is ranked number five.

eCommerce, which is undoubtedly online sales and business, ties in perfectly with the YouTube and Shopify discussion because the two companies’ creation of YouTube Shopping gives us more opportunities.

You guys are also aware that I use Spreadshop to print products on demand for my merchandise. The creator hats, hoodies, and other items are available there; they can be found obviously in the YouTube merch shelf down below. Additionally, YouTubers with 1,000 subscribers or more and monetized channels now have access to YouTube Shopping and the actual merch, whereas this was previously gatelocked at 10,000 subscribers. Therefore, more content producers will benefit financially from this. It’s a fantastic chance.

The eCommerce niche itself typically consists of content producers who discuss topics like selling products online, whether that’s through dropshipping for physical goods, Shopify for digital downloads, or for prints-on-demand that you want to outsource with companies like Printify or Printful, as well as other types of eCommerce vendors.

There are thus many approaches to filling this niche. There is no one size fits all solution, and you are not limited to discussing Shopify, Spreadshop, or Spring. eCommerce also includes other elements. Sales of digital goods, memberships, and similar services, as well as courses, serve as prime examples.

Therefore, even if you work in another field, you could still be in this one. For Awesome Creator Academy, how I use it for my coaching business, and my digital download products, I use Kajabi. Therefore, there is a good opportunity for the affiliate marketing side when you talk about these things.

The revenue from eCommerce advertising is enormous. We’re talking CPMs of 30 to 80.

Additionally, you might market and sell your own digital goods on top of everything else. This market is incredibly lucrative, producing some of the highest-paying channels on YouTube and newly-minted millionaires like Biaheza. There are numerous ways to make money in this niche, including affiliate marketing, sponsorships, and all other kinds of revenue streams.

So this is definitely a market to watch. But once more, you must be able to back up your claims. Productivity is the sixth niche.

There should be a lot of interest in this market. Thomas Frank, a close friend of mine, and Ali Abdaal, one of my favorite content creators in this market, are just a few of the many others I admire. Matt D’Avella is another. Productivity is universal because we all care about money, which is where online money making through eCommerce comes in. We are also very concerned with time.

Along with health, two of the things that bring us together most are money and time.

Therefore, it follows that these are always going to be excellent niches, have evergreen content, and have a broad appeal to be able to generate views.

The intriguing aspect of productivity is that it combines consumer goods, a way of life, and education while still being relatable and entertaining. Therefore, I believe it to be a niche that will endure in a way that very few others have. Additionally, I don’t believe that you have as short a life cycle as other creators in this niche, whereas you could easily phase out, outgrow, or trend down other ones. I don’t believe that productivity will ever decline.

So, like many of the ones I mentioned, this niche also produces YouTube millionaires. It also naturally lends itself to practices like affiliate marketing, both for software as a service and for tangible goods that improve your quality of life. Additionally, it can connect you with opportunities to represent lifestyle brands as a brand ambassador while still enabling you to market your own goods.

You could use Lavendaire’s and her stationary brand as an example, or you could use Ali Abdaal and his stationary line.

There is simply a lot going on there in terms of being able to sell your own products on top of affiliate and sponsorship revenue, on top of very high ad revenue, and because productivity enables you to eventually enter every high CPM niche on YouTube if you really wanted to work it out that way. The tutorial niche is the seventh niche.

I actually got my start on YouTube with tutorials, and you’d be surprised at how well it can pay. Although the ad revenue from tutorials can vary greatly, it almost never falls below double digits. The CPMs in this area can be extremely high, exceeding $60 CPMs. However, 15 to $25 CPMs in the tutorials niche are much more typical in terms of what is normal. I am a master of the Adobe Suite, of course.

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I therefore use a variety of Adobe products, including Premiere Pro, Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, and Adobe Audition. Working in creative services and at an advertising agency is really where I started out in the field.

And in the beginning, I uploaded those things to YouTube as tutorials. Surprisingly, many of those tutorials continue to earn me money years after I first uploaded them because they are so timeless. This is true even though the software has undergone numerous updates. And I actually have more tutorials planned for the future, focusing on video editing to aid content creators and a few other things to aid you in editing, like podcasting.

Due to its suitability for brand partnerships, the tutorial niche is transparent in terms of how it generates revenue. “La da da,” No doubt. especially if you’re a small YouTube influencer, you should make sure you’re watching my videos on how to get better brand deals. In the description below, those will be linked. This information will also be in the info card that will be right here if you choose to watch on YouTube rather than one of the other platforms.

You’re gonna have the opportunity to make recurring affiliate revenue, sponsorships, and brand deals, but also when it comes to tutorial niche, like I said. So very high CPMs, but here is a bonus for you. You can actually make your own products that actually parallel and work with your space in the tutorials niche. If you’re doing productivity, this might be something like Notion templates. If you’re a Photoshop guy like me, then you can do digital download templates.

I have the YouTube Starter Kit, which helps YouTubers with their thumbnails. We also have the title formulas, we have over 100 digital downloads and Photoshop files for a $99 bundle in the YouTube Starter Kit.

So when I sell this, this is obviously one of my favorite ways to make money, but it uses my skills from Photoshop and it directly ties to tutorials that I can make. So it’s the opportunity to directly sell to your audience something relevant to what you’re talking about. If you’re a photographer or a videographer on YouTube making editing tutorials, you can sell lens packs like Peter McKinnon does, color grade presets.

Or just like Marques Brownlee and iJustine, you could pair up with a company like MotionVFX, and then you could have your own animation templates and things for Premiere Pro, After Effects, Final Cut Pro, and, of course, DaVinci Resolve. So you kind of have a bundle like that and partner with a brand to sell a product. And there might be licensing according to that, or there might be upfront payment.

So it’s a collaboration opportunity. And finally, number eight.

This one will actually shock you. The podcasting niche in YouTube is insanely profitable. And I don’t know why so many of you are surprised. Long-form content means that you can have more ads in a video justifiably. When you’re doing an hour to two-hour long podcast, it’s not abnormal or unreasonable to have an ad insert from YouTube every 15 to 20 minutes.

Your audience might actually enjoy the little break and opportunity to get up for a second. And so, this is something that can be extremely lucrative. Also, because it’s long-form content, a lot of times people may just leave it on the background and let those ads run. So it is an opportunity for you to usually make much higher ad rates than normal because of how many ad placements are in there naturally and without truly hurting the experience of the content. On top of that, you have the ability to do multiple sponsorships, multiple ad reads inside a big podcast episode, making every episode more valuable.

It’s also evergreen and it has the distribution capability through the audio side of the podcast. And with the video side, you have the opportunity to repurpose lot the content by making Shorts and clips.

So you have multiple ways to monetize the same content, repurpose it, mirror it, cut it up any which way. This is on top of having the ability within that podcast episode, or all of its subsequent links, or all of its subsequent Shorts and clips to have links that could be either your own products or affiliate products. And podcasts are probably the most evergreen thing there is if you’re not covering current events and news.

It should not shock you that podcasts are so lucrative. My podcast, the “Create Something Awesome Today” podcast, actually has somewhere between a 25 to $30 CPM on average from the ads alone. But it also lends itself, since I do it as a live stream, to Super Chats. And so the audience is actually very supportive of that.

Even with a small podcast, I’ve been able to make over $1,000 a month sometimes on this particular podcast.

So this is something that more people are exploring. If you’ve wondered, “Why is everybody on YouTube starting a podcast?” It’s because it’s so wildly profitable. And there you go, eight profitable niches on YouTube and how they make their money. No fluff, just facts.


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