10 Things You Need to Know About Pluto TV! | Pluto TV Review

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number one pluto tv is owned by viacom cbs pluto tv is a free streaming service with  a massive library of on-demand content plus some live tv hundreds of live and genre-based channels  150 000 hours of content more than 400

10 Things You Need to Know About Pluto TV! | Pluto TV Review

global content partners viacom cbs took over pluto  tv back in 2019 and that explains why you see content like this this and this on the service  michael here and if i were cutting the cord all over again pluto tv would probably be the first  free app that i download take a look here pluto tv is the free tv favorite in this poll of my youtube  community it’s preferred over the roku channel tubi peacock and imdb tv in our video today the  pros and cons of pluto tv let’s get right back to it and we pick up with number two you don’t even  need to sign up for pluto tv you heard that right you don’t have to hand over a credit card or even  your email address to stream everything on pluto tv and i’m going to prove it to you i opened an  incognito web browser and went to you see the logo and the tagline drop in watch free  and just like that i’m taken directly to content in the upper right corner of the screen you see  that i am not logged in but there is a prompt to sign up for additional features yes it’s optional  but i’m gonna explain why you may want to sign up a little later on right now number three a  cable-like live guide check out the live tv guide look familiar if you’re in the habit of scrolling  through a guide for content to watch you’ll be scrolling for a long time with pluto tv there  are hundreds of channels and sure some of them are live channels but many of these channels are not  live and they are not the ones that you get with cable tv so this is probably not a replacement for  your cable satellite or live tv streaming service pluto tv has genre-based channels for game shows  reality shows true crime shows cooking shows kid shows and they play recorded content 24 7.

10 Things You Need to Know About Pluto TV! | Pluto TV Review

You  can sort through the channels right here from the left navigation and when you favorite a channel  it’ll be displayed at the top of your guide plus scroll to the right on select devices like a roku  to see four hours ahead in the guide number four content strengths and weaknesses there is a lot  to choose from with pluto tv and not just from the live guide but also the on-demand library  pluto tv is not an original content hub though and much of the content is older here’s something  relatively new the cbs selects category i’m highlighting this because you will notice  a lot of content from viacom cbs properties more content highlights twilight is the most  popular movie as of this recording cops gunsmoke and matlock are the top tv series and the news  and opinion category features headlines from cbs news nbc news now weather nation and more sports  content is very thin you’re going to need a paid service for the best sports coverage but there is  a surprising amount of kid shows from nickelodeon plus the music category has channels organized by  genre and decade if you just want some background noise i really like this category i know your next  question commercials whether you watch live tv or on demand there are ads with pluto tv how bad are  they i’ll answer that right now number five the ad situation half the ads of broadcast tv that’s what  i’ve come to expect from pluto tv and really most of the other free services but i wanted to verify  it i watched an episode of hotel hell although the content is only 43 minutes this is a show that  would typically fill an hour-long slot on regular broadcast tv so on broadcast tv you’re looking at  about 17 minutes of ads here’s the experience on pluto break one five ads two minutes break two  another five ads two minutes again break three six adds two minutes and 30 seconds break four  three adds only one minute and 15 seconds and break five five adds two minutes again the total  24 adds and nine minutes and 45 seconds with pluto tv that is a whole lot less than the 17 minutes of  ads you’d watch on broadcast tv but i did notice a few repetitive ads as well as a lot of promos  for cbs and paramount plus leave a comment below i want to know your experience with pluto tv’s ads  moving on to number six there is no dvr with pluto tv when you’re watching one of pluto tv’s  live feeds there’s no cloud dvr like with any of the paid live tv streaming services but the great  thing about the on-demand content is that it’s all right there so there’s no need to record it  and when you are watching on-demand content there are playback controls so you can pause the program  and step away for a minute plus you can rewind fast forward or choose to watch from the start  we’re already up to number seven and there are more features if you sign up as i mentioned  earlier signing up is optional but there are benefits and mostly it is so that you can sync  your favorites and watch list across multiple devices you will need to provide your email  birth year and first name when you sign up so why don’t i show you some of these features from the  live guide click on any channel arrow down and to the right and then you can select the heart once  the channel is favorited it’ll appear at the top of your live guide i’m in the on demand section  now and when you select a program here you’ll have the option to add it to your watch list and pluto  says any title that you watch for more than one minute will be added to continue watching i’ve had  mixed results with this though if you’ve got kids or grandkids this is helpful from the settings  switch to kids mode as long as you’ve signed up for an account number eight access pluto tv  from all of your devices i’ve been using a roku device to stream pluto tv to my tv set but there  are other supported devices for tv you see them here plus access pluto tv from the mobile app  or a web browser at any time number nine pluto tv alternatives back to the poll that i showed you  at the top of the video it includes some of the pluto tv alternatives now i think these services  are worth considering in addition to pluto not really instead of pluto the reason is that  several of them are leaning heavily into original programming to stand out in a really crowded field  and that’s not what pluto tv has done so far pluto tv is an aggregator all of these other services  are free but there’s some fine print with peacock some content is behind a paywall because in  addition to the free tier peacock offers paid plans as well number 10 who is pluto tv best  for now that i’ve laid out the pros and cons of pluto tv who exactly is this service best for  well here’s how i see it people who’ve cut the cord and still want the cable tv feel  including options for live tv cord cutters who are trying to cut back on paid services and don’t  mind ads people who want to rediscover classic tv shows and are okay with reduced picture and  sound quality at times and anyone who uses their tv as background noise and would prefer not to  pay for background noise i’ve tracked down some stats from viacom cbs’s website that said as of  a few years ago most pluto tv users don’t have cable or satellite but they do use paid services  namely netflix pluto tv may not be a netflix replacement for most people but it could be a  free substitute for your second third or fourth paid streaming service and that could save you  a little bit of money if you use pluto tv instead you just got to get in there and discover what’s  most interesting to you thanks for watching and by the way if you want to save money beyond streaming  check out my second channel michael says plus i’ll see you over there or back here next time

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